Monday, March 9, 2009


I don't think much explaining is required for these pics. Little boy is happy and smiles a lot. Nathan and Chesley got to spend a lot of time together and their bond grows stronger every day. It's a wonderful thing to experience. Nathan took a 15 minute video of Chesley playing in his bouncy chair. And we watched the whole thing. I went shopping a little and got some cute shirts and two pair of pants. I don't mind wearing maternity clothes sometimes, but it's nice to have some real clothes that fit. Jeans... that didn't work out but ok. While I was gone Nathan had to call to tell me that Chesley grabbed a toy and held it. He was so excited. It was a sweet moment for me shopping at Walmart and hearing how excited he was over such a small sweet moment. I really need to get out a little more and let them have more one-on-one time. And when I was giving Chesley a bath last night, Nathan kept telling me what to do, but it was sweet. We missed church yesterday because we forgot to set our clocks back, but we did go to moms house and hang out and eat lunch. Mya is crazy about Chesley. Very cute. It's nice to see how he fits in with the family.
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