Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When the door is closed...

When the door is closed... that means I am busy... I'm glad I have a lock on the door at work because people always knock and then try to open it while I'm pumping. I swear I only do it twice a day, and it takes 15 minutes people. I guess I need to go back to hanging a do not disturb sign. Boo is still sick, but he doesn't seem quite as miserable. The meds seem to be helping him. He had a couple of nasty coughing fits that make me almost have a heart attack. He has a hard time catching his breath. Paulina has him today, and I trust that she will take good care of him. Of course I would rather be there, but I really need to work. Lots to do.

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  1. Did you buy your own pump or did you rent one?

    I'm sorry your baby is sick. That is no fun at all.


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