Monday, April 13, 2009

Please pray

Please pray for me and my family as we are having some issues. I wish I could pour my heart out to all of you, but I can't. Everyone is fine and the baby is doing great. We are just having some problems. I really hope that these storms will pass and we can all get along with each other and be happy.

I'm at work trying to be a good employee but I'm having a hard time concentrating with all that is going on. I just hate for people to be upset with me. I try really hard to please everybody, but I know it's just not possible. I'm going out to lunch, and maybe when I come back I can get my mind into work at least long enough to add up a list of numbers and reply to some emails.


  1. Oh hun, I hope everything is okay, your in my T&P.

  2. P.S
    I did send you an invite to my new blog, it should be in your e-mail, you'll have to accept the invite to view the blog. I'll re-send it so it's at the top of your e-mails.
    I just didnt want you to think I forgot about you.
    ~squishy hug~

  3. aww.. I'm sorry you are going thru trials.. I hope everything works out for the best. you will be in our prayers..


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