Thursday, April 9, 2009


Thanks The Kylers and Jessica for this award!

Here Are The Rules:

1. Link Back to the person who gave you the award.

2. List 7 Things you LOVE!

3. Link to 7 Blogs and let them know you have an Award Waiting for them on your blog!

7 things I love

1. Family and friends. Of course my #1 love being my wonderful beautiful happy son!!

2. Dr. Pepper. I missed it during pregnancy. I am making up for it now. Only one a day, but mmmm yummy.

3. Txt messaging. I am not really a talk on the phone kind of person, so txting is perfect. Say what you need to say and go on about your day!

4. Blogging. I love reading your blogs and writing on mine. I don't have as much time these days as I would like. And I have a hard time blogging at all on weekends, but I do enjoy it.

5. Staying at home. I love my days at home with my son. I like just hanging out, talking, playing, nursing, sleeping at our house and not going anywhere at all.

6. Makeup. Go from looking blah to looking great in 5 minutes.

7. Music!! Rock, classical, Christian, choral. I love to sing along. I love to sing to my little boy.

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