Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another busy day

I'm really trying to not stress about how much work I have to do. I'm not getting many hours in at work. Mom has Chesley today, but I don't want to leave him there too long because Mom gets tired and she's had company at her house for a week. So I'm pretty much just keeping my head above water at work. Hopefully next week things will go better and I'll get more done.

I had a nice conversation with my dad's aunt last night asking her questions about her sister, my dad's mother. Dad grew up with his paternal grandparents and never knew his mother. She had 8 children that she gave up. She must have had a very hard and sad life. I've struggled with how she could do that. And some of her children had a very hard time. After having a child, I really can't imagine how a mother could be so terrible to her child. My aunt didn't really understand either. She didn't have much contact with her sister. It's a crazy story that I'll try to post more on later. I think I could write a book on their family.

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  1. I know I live all the way out in Groves..but if you ever need a sitter and no one is avaible u can call watching a 2 moth old right now..Brayden Paul..
    and I was thrown away I know the feeling..being adopted is no fun..


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