Thursday, April 30, 2009


It really breaks my heart when SIL tells me that Boo cried all morning. I know that she is wonderful with him and would do anything in her power to console him. But I wonder, if I were there, would he still cry? Sometimes, yes, he would cry for me too, but sometimes, he might want his momma. Maybe I'm silly. I just never knew I could love somebody so much. I never knew I would want to stay home with a baby. I'm ok working. And if I stayed home, I know I would get frustrated sometimes. It's hard to explain. I wouldn't get frustrated with the baby. It's just very tiring. But I would still rather stay home with him. But that's not in the cards right now. My goal is that for baby #2, I want to stay home for a while.

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  1. hey I know Chelsey isn't very big yet.. but if he outgrows any clothes do you mind giving me a few.. I babysit a baby boy..and his mom is only 16..enough said..she doesn't EVER bring extra clothes for him an most the time he only has on a tshirt..
    if not... its ok.. no


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