Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Answer to Lisa's question

Lisa asked if I bought a breast pump. The answers are just what I did and why. I just thought I would share with everyone. If you don't want to read about BFing, please skip this post and join us tomorrow.

I bought the Medela Pump in Style metro bag pump. I really like it. I think buying a pump makes a lot of sense. You could borrow, but what do you do if it goes out? Plus if you have another child, you will need one anyway. Plus after reading information on why the companies strongly suggest single users, I bought one for myself. You could rent, as the rentals must be multiple user pumps, but since I plan on BFing for one year, the cost of buying a pump is justified. Plus, the cost of formula feeding is very high and buying a pump will make sense even if you only BF a couple of months. .

Pumping is a big part of BFing, especially for a working mom. You want it to be easy, comfortable, and quick for BFing to work out. I've found that it's working out very well for me with no problems. I am very fortunate to have a private office at work.

I also have a few recommendations for any pump user, whether borrower, renter, or owner

1. Buy at least one extra set of parts - bottles, connectors, tubing, etc. One of my first days back, I forgot some of the parts. I had to go home for the day because I couldn't pump without the parts. And as any new mom knows, you can only go so long without feeding or pumping. Also, you don't want to have to wash stuff every night.
2. Medela sells pump part wipes. They are great for when I need to wash the parts between pumping sessions and either don't have time or don't feel like washing in the bathroom at work.
3. ***!!!***!!! Make it so you can pump hands free!!!! I found it near impossible to pump both sides at the same time. You would have to hold the bottles and somehow still be able to adjust the pump, and turn it off and on... impossible! I bought Easy Expression Bustier. I use this every time and love it. I got size medium and wear bra 34/36C and it is fine. Some pumps come with straps for hands-free, and they may be fine too, but the bustier is super easy and quick to put on.

I pump twice a day at work, and it takes about 15 minutes. I have to be relaxed, comfortable, and assured of privacy when I do it, or nothing will come out. It helps to have baby pictures to look at. I've also started putting up the do not disturb sign. It freaks me out when people knock on the door and try to come in. Door is locked, but I worry I might forget to lock it one day... That would be bad. You must have a door that will lock. I think things are different for every woman, but hopefully this will help some fellow BFing pumping moms.

I will take any questions on this that anyone has. Maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I will be pumping at work, and I had seen the bustier but never talked to anyone who used it. Great idea!!


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