Friday, February 12, 2010

Signs of signing

Boo has been sort of using some sign language. He does "more", which is putting pinched fingers of each hand together. Hard to explain. He does more of a clapping-looking version, but not making sound clapping. It took me a while to figure out that he was actually signing more. I would say "more", he would do his sign. Also, he does "eat", which is putting pinched fingers to your mouth, like you are eating a tiny piece of bread. His version is an open hand to the mouth, like shoving food in the mouth, that's how he eats, so it makes sense. I try to teach him "milk" which is one hand "milking" an udder. But he does the sign for eat when I ask him if he wants a drink (to nurse). He also does "light" which is upside down hand opening and closing. He really likes lights and gets excited when he sees them. So it's nice for him to express that. So we are a little off, but it's very exciting that he is starting to sign and has a manner to communicate besides only screaming and pointing at things.

Boo is officially walking!! He can walk across the room, still wobbly, and he might have to stop a few times and regroup, but he is walking.

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