Friday, February 26, 2010

Car Seats

We are ready to buy the next size car seat. Boo still technically fits in the infant carrier. It's made for 32 lbs and 32 inches, and he is neither. But it seems like he is almost too long. He's probably 30", and his head is almost to the top of the car seat, which is a no-no. So we are going to try and pick out a convertible car seat that should last for a long time. It's just so hard to pick one out! So many to choose from. I've found some I like, but of course they are available online only, and I like to be able to feel the material and see in the store before I buy something like that. So we are going to go shopping and see what they have in store at Target and BRU. Nathan wants to get el cheapo, but this is somethings important, our kids safety! And if we get a nice one, it might actually last a few years. Another issue we disagree on is buying two car seats. I can't see taking it in and out twice a day to give the car seat to Paulina. It is too many chances to install it incorrectly, plus it will be a pain. So I will buy one hopefully today and another one in a couple of weeks. And no, I will not buy a cheaper one for her car. It's still my kid riding in the car, and I want something nice. Also, Boo will continue to face the rear for as long as possible. It's 5 times safer according to tests. It's not that much harder to make a kid face the rear, in the correct car seat of course. So I encourage those with small children, keep facing the rear!


  1. I got my seat off They generally have free shipping on car seats. You could go into Target and BRU and if you find one you like, look on that site and see if they sell it as well. We bought two separate seats (three really if you count the one in my husband truck that we rarely use--it is a Graco ComfortSport). I got one and then I got my mom, who keeps Colton every day, one exactly like mine. I got the Recaro, and while it was more expensive, it is a great seat and gets very high safety ratings. Colton is almost 15 months old and still rear facing. This seat RF until 35 pounds and FF until 70 pounds. So while it is an investment, it will last a good long while. You are right in the fact that it is your child's safety and you can't put a price tag on that.

  2. hey Hollie...i'm gonna recommend the graco nautilus 3-in-1. Just got it for Glory and wish that we would have gotten it when she graduated out of the infant seat. James researched for a while and this car seat has great reviews...hope this helps you out. Target carries them...

  3. I personally own 15 carseats (I transport kids daily)I own 6 britax and 5 Sunshine radiant.

    The Britax carseats are the easiest on the market for install. If your going to be taking a carseat in and out of Paulinas car I suggest a Britax roundabout (RF to 33 pounds, FF 40 pounds I believe) Theres even a Roundabout50 that goes up to 50 pounds with harness now. For a little more money you can get one that goes up to 65 pounds for the harness, but as far as ease of install Britax is simple the best with their built in knock-offs on the side of the carseat make it super easy to get a tight fit and a cinch to tighten belts with install.

    Alot of my daycare parents who are on a budget ask about carseat they can get for not alot of money I suggest the Graco My ride65. Bonus is this is rear facing till 40. My 3 and 4 yr old in my childcare aren't even to the 40 pound weight range yet so thats excellent.

    As far as the seats I have for Landon are the Britax Boulevard in my car and in dadies car the Britax Advocate CS basically the same carseat but the Advocate CS has side airbags on the carseat. Landon use to scream his head off in the infant carrier so at 8 weeks I switched the Boulevard and he falls asleep EVERY carride in it. I like that it has the wings near his head for side impacts and it holds his head well when asleep. The fabric is totally cush and wipes right off for spills. He will sit in it rearfacing till he is 35 pounds no matter what age that is.

    If you have any questions just ask over at my blog. Im huge on Carseats!!! Took us forever to get these babies here no need to skimp on safety. Id rather him have no toys but the best carseat.

  4. We have the Sunshine Radiant XTSL!

    We love it - not cheap though


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