Thursday, February 18, 2010

Babbling Baby

Boo has been doing a ton of babbling lately. It's so funny and cute. No new real words, but lots of made up ones, like, "likkity likkity tikki." If I say "likkity likkity," he says, "likkity likkity" super fast. So fun. And he is doing a lot of walking practice. He still has to really concentrate and use his arms for balance, but he's slowly getting better at walking. It's funny how it's taking so long. I guess I always thought kids just got up and walked one day.

Mya and Omar have a yucky stomach virus, so Boo has been on the move this week. Yesterday he stayed with Paw Paw Wayne... EEEKK!! He survived though. Today he is with Aunt Peppy (Nathan's aunt Stephanie) and I know they will have lots of fun together. I'm so blessed to have family that can babysit last minute. It really reminds me also how wonderful Paulina is to keep Boo every day. He gets so much love from her and Mya. It really makes it easier to go to work every day, knowing he is in good hands. He is always happy to see them. It just seems like this is how things were meant to be for him. I may have had my wishes and desires to be with him 24/7, but God had a different plan!

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