Sunday, February 7, 2010

Practice Practice Practice!

Practice makes... well... He still needs more practice, walking that is. Boo has become much more interested in walking this weekend, practicing more and more. He will get up, take 3 steps, fall, get back up, repeat, until his legs are so tired he can't get up anymore. He really is trying now. So it won't be long till he is really a walker. And yesterday he decided to be a daddy's boy for a while. He just wanted his daddy to hold him. Nathan tried to give him to me, but No! He wanted daddy. It was a good feeling, not like he was giving me up, but he was opening his heart up more to daddy. So today we will stay home, play, nap, eat, then go to the Super Bowl party at Nicole's. I am so NOT a football fan. But it's nice to see family and eat of course.

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