Monday, February 15, 2010

Fat lip

No, don't worry, Boo doesn't have a fat lip. I do. It's not much of a fat lip, but it does hurt. He was really wild and crazy last night and did not want to go to sleep. He has never given us so much problem at night. He slapped, kicked, head butted, head throwing, biting, biting, biting, hair pulling. He would fall asleep, then get up and get mad, fall asleep, get mad. Finally after 1.5 hours and getting my lip busted, I gave him to Nathan, and within 10 minutes, Boo was sleeping. I learned an important lesson. Take turns with a mad baby. Maybe 30 minute turns, to see if he will be calm for the other parent. I try to be super mom, but I need to get help before I get hurt.

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  1. That frustrates me so much. I will be trying to calm baby and it just makes him angrier and finally I call in hubby to help and he calms him or rocks him to sleep in 5 minutes Ughhhh I always blame it on me nursing. Soon these lil boys will be able to tell us exactly what they want. At 9 months Landon has started the tantrums already oh my gosh Im in for it.


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