Sunday, February 14, 2010

A good day

We had a nice day today. The weather warmed up finally and we got to take Boo to the park and for a walk around the neighborhood. He is doing so many new things lately. The other day, I mentioned how he was signing "more" but doing it wrong. Later that day, he started signing it perfectly. So funny! And he is majorly gibber gabbering, like we should know what he is saying. He's doing it right now...

Some not so good news today, first of all, Nathan's nephew broke his leg at the skating rink. It sounds pretty bad, but he is home resting and will see the bone dr tomorrow. He is 10 years old. We hope he won't have to have surgery, but we'll see what the dr says. I think I will get to babysit the 6 year old so he won't have to sit at the drs office all day. We will try to do something fun together.

Nathan's Uncle Sonny died this morning. He has been very sick for many years since having a stroke. So we will be going to the services for that. A baby at a funeral? Eeek... I will try to just go with the flow. The most important thing is for Nathan to be with his family.

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  1. oh so sorry to hear bout Nathan's uncle... the families will be in my prayers..


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