Thursday, February 11, 2010

13 months

In honor of Boo's 13 month birthday this week, I'll share some info.

Boo loves animal crackers. If he sees a bag of them, he will make sure and get them somehow. He also loves chocolate cookies and will get the bag himself and chow down. It's just funny to see your child loving a cookie and having it all over his face.

Boo is still learning how to walk and practicing a lot.

Boo has 7 teeth.

Boo gets excited to see me even if it's only been 10 minutes since he last saw me. A true momma's boy.

I'm excited to have a 4 day weekend! Monday is President's Day and is a paid holiday. So we will have a fun day together. Boo did not want to get up and get ready this morning. He really just wanted me to hold him. It felt awful to put him down on the floor to cry while I did my hair and makeup (for 2 mins) and got dressed. He usually does better, but not today.

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