Monday, December 14, 2009

Temper Tantrums

Yes, we are having them already. Full-fledged throw your head back, scream, lay on the floor tantrums. He's not even 1 yet! Nathan thinks it's hilarious and laughs the whole time... not helping. Boo gives no thought to banging his head around. If he reaches for something, and I stop him from getting it, throw your head back and scream. Whew!! This kid is going to keep us busy. Strong-willed child, wild, however you want to put it. And he bites! I think he is getting another tooth. He will just grab my hand and chomp down!


  1. Sorry but I couldnt help but laugh. Reminded me of Where the wild things are and the mischevous of one kind.

  2. Now that I don't look forward to! Good luck!


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