Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nursing a big boy

Nursing a big boy is much different than nursing a newborn. He definitely has figured out where the milk comes from. When he is ready to nurse, he digs in my shirt and tries to open it up. It's cute and funny. If he sees it, mouth open, ready to go. He's gotten much better with the biting. I think he is figuring out that "Ouch!" means pain and pain is bad. But he still pulls my hair. So maybe not. We all slept till almost 10:00 today. Super lazy. We are really messing up our normal routine which I'm sure we will pay for when we go back to work next week. He didn't go to bed till almost 11:00 last night. He slept a little better last night, but he is still waking up all through the night. Our house is over-run with toys! Toys everywhere! Hopefully we don't get many more toys for his birthday. We could use some shoes and money for his college account would be nice. We've got a few hundred in there so far. Grandpa gave him $50 and it's going to the college account. I set up a 529 savings plan. We will put $100 a month.

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