Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Busy girl

I have been a busy girl so far this week. My project at work is keeping me running around. It needs to be installed Jan. 11 during the turnaround (when unit will be shut down for a short time). I'm calling it my Christmas project. I hope I don't have to work when I was planning on being off. But this needs to get done. So I'm working hard for my money right now!

Mya spent the night last night while Micah and Paulina went to a concert. She was really good. I was hoping we wouldn't have a bad night. Boo woke up on and off from 4 am, so I'm tired, but at least Mya was good. It's really hard when they both wake up 100 times and cry... So I'm thankful! I was up early, got ready, got Mya up, got her ready, got Boo up, ate breakfast, got Boo ready, and off we went!

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