Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Me again

I -think- I just finished my book. I will still add posts from today through Thursday. Friday will start a new year and a new book. Nathan is holding Boo and watching tv while Boo is napping. I was working on my book when I heard the smoke alarm beeping super loud. Oops... I guess those french fries burnt. I was really into the book. But I'm downstairs and Boo is upstairs so I don't think it woke him up. It is really sweet to see Nathan singing Boo to sleep. Boo really fights his naps, but he's too tired to play. Oh, being a little boy. I think we are going to go shop a little bit as a family. Tomorrow I have three appt. for myself. It seems crazy. Mom bought me a facial and massage for my birthday (Friday). I told her it is too much, but she spoils me. Then I'm getting a much needed haircut. I'm also supposed to go to the mall with Paulina, and I might take Boo with me. But I will be a busy girl tomorrow. Friday Mom wants to cook dinner. Nathan was wanting to take me out, but I might like to see Mom on my birthday. Something about having a baby and raising a child makes you want to be with your mom on your birthday. So I will be getting pampered and spoiled tomorrow. Being a mom, I don't spend hardly any time on myself. I might feel a tiny bit guilty, but I will surely enjoy it.

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  1. yes you shoulde find a little time for yourself... and if you come to your moms friday.. let me know.. i'd love to come by again for your bday like we did before :) love ya


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