Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and we are gearing up for the big party. Nathan's family is all coming over this evening to eat, open presents, and visit, and whatever else we all do. The house smells like baked beans and bacon right now. Boo is pulling wires out of the computer. Nathan is outside. Life is sweet. Boo has some strange looking bumps on his head, under his arms, and between his legs that are looking a lot like chicken pox. He slept really bad last night and seemed to be itching a lot. But the bumps are not sprouting up all over the place. So we think it might be a mild case of chicken pox. We are trying to figure out what we should do for tonight. If everybody has not already had it, we may have to keep Boo upstairs. That wouldn't really be a problem.

I hope everyone has a lovely night tonight on this magical night of time with family and loved ones, eating, giving and receiving presents, and remembering the birth of our Lord.

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  1. Oh no chicken pox. Does he have a fever? Did they go away? Did you try Benadryl to see if it was a food allergy maybe. If they are the pox then he got them young and wont need the vaccine. So that would be good. It would be funnny to look back and tell him for your first Christmmas Santa gave you the chicken pox. lol


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