Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Learning to kiss

Boo is learning how to kiss and hug. He is very good at hugging and will usually do it when I ask. Sometimes he bites my shoulder. We are working on that. The kissing is a little harder. He will do it sometimes. He will pucker his lips when he wants a kiss. Sometimes I get the mouth open kiss... Yum... Last night he bit my lip instead of kissing me. He likes to bite. I just can't fugure out how to get him to stop. Biting is a way for him to communicate. I try to say no and put him down. He really bites when he wants to nurse. He will crawl up to me and bite my leg. Ow.

He waves bye-bye sometimes. It's more of a normal wave though, not the typical baby wave.

He constantly says, "Mamamamamama mamama" even just playing and crawling around.

I'm happy that I am off this Thursday and Friday and all next week!

Time at home with Boo is precious. I do sometimes feel the need to get out of the house and go somewhere, but I mostly stay at home. Boo does better when he can nap and eat when he wants to. We do enjoy walking to the park and hanging out outside. Hopefully Nathan will spend some time with us next week.

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