Monday, December 28, 2009

I wrote a book!

Yes, you heard right, a book. I've always wanted to write a book. Then I realized, hey, I already wrote a book, this blog. Sometimes I write every day or so and forget to look back and see where I've been. This blog serves as an outlet, a source to share my thoughts and my life, and a journal. I searched for a service that will print a blog and found one that looks like it is perfect, The Booksmart software made it easy to take my blog posts and pictures and let me build my book. It will have every picture, maybe with a little editing to make some of them look better, and most of my posts. I think it will be something special for Chesley to read one day and see how his first year was. He will know how much he has always been loved and how much trouble he was too!! I usually comment on his milestones so this will also serve as a babybook, except it will look really great. All I need to do now is write a dedication, pick a picture for the cover, and send it off.


  1. Wow! Awesome Idea! It's gettin me thinkin =D

  2. that is a great idea :) way to go! Love ya


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