Monday, November 30, 2009

So much fun

I really had a good holiday break. Of course it wasn't long enough. Here I am back at work. Boo is growing up so much. He's so wild and crazy and curious and I and wild and crazy about him. He is doing some new things these days. He balances standing up! I almost had a heart attack the first time he did it. But he is trying to stand up on his own. He shakes his head no. All the time. Just for fun. And he says "NAH NAH NAH" when he tell him no and shakes his head. He points at things. He is always too busy for a nap. He did not take a nap yesterday till 4 pm. Too much excitement with church and then Mya being at the house. He slept till almost 7 pm.

I am really enjoying my new lens! I got a 50mm fixed lens for my Olympus E-500. The pics of Boo "reading" the circuits book were taken with it. It gives a nice effect to the picture with the background being out of focus. It also allows pictures to have enough light without using the flash. I am getting much better with the camera. I've figured out that shooting in RAW and then processing in the Olympus software is the way to go. I get more control over the exposure and white balance rather than shooting in JPEG and editing in Photoshop. Of course the lens arrived while I was at mom's house taking pics of Omar, Mya, and Seth, but I think they turned out nice. I need to edit them just a little bit more and then I can give about 20 nice pics to Paulina. Seth lives in San Antonio with his dad, so the kids dont' get to be together a lot.

Notes on breastfeeding. We are still nursing, but Boo is usually too busy during the day to nurse unless it's nap time. And we have to be at home for nap time. It's hard on me when he won't nurse till 2 pm like yesterday. So I'm tempted to wean. But he does nurse a lot at night. I seriously doubt he drinks all that I pump. Maybe I can just pump less at work and nurse mainly at night. I do want to continue nursing.

Notes on spending the night away. Boo has not spent a night awaw from me. I really don't feel ready. He likes to nurse all night. I think he would be sad. And I would be sad. I would rather wait for him to spend the night until I think he will enjoy it. So sorry everybody. Not yet. I am under a lot of pressure to let him spend the night away. Not yet!

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