Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dang cold

I'm still dealing with a nasty cold and feeling crappy and tired. I was --this--- close to staying home today. But I went. Now day is almost over and I'm trying to make plans to get home. We usually meet at moms. Some days I just want to get home. Mom likes to see Boo. And sometimes Pawpaw comes over too. It's just too much to visit for long after I've worked all day and I have a million things to do at home. Yesterday I left work at 3:45 and got home at 5:45. I am not in the best of moods sometimes at the end of the day. Paulina isn't feeling the visiting today either. We are meeting at Walmart. I HAVE to get a few things. And by the time we would visit at moms and I head home at 5:30 and Boo is cranky, I will not want to go to the store. Crazy how I have to justify all this. Mom just assumes we will come over every day. Once or twice a week, ok, everyday, not ok. I love everybody, and I enjoy visiting, but I have a lot to do at home. So mom texted that she would see me in a little while. I said that we are meeting at Walmart. She wants to see her babies. Sorry mom. I'm feeling crappy and tired and I need some stuff at Walmart. That's about all I can handle for today.

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