Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fun with Mya and Boo

Mya spent the night Thursday night. I love the girl but she really gave me a run for my money. Peed in the bed, drove me crazy. But I do love her. Then Friday morning the electricity went out. So the pics in front of the window were taken with near darkness inside the house and rainy weather outside. I finally figured out how to take decent pics without a flash! Slower shutter speed, low aperture number! I really like these. All of these are with no flash. I was very proud of myself...
Then we went to the mall and rode all the little kid rides and the train. And the bungee trampoline jumper. She loves it. And Boo was so good. He loves gettting out and seeing people. He didn't give me any trouble. Mya had a couple of little meltdowns. She wanted me to buy everything. I did go to the mall to buy her some shoes and a jacket and got some cute ones. The jackets were all 50% off at Gap, so I got her a really nice warm one for $34. And of course they have the cutest baby boy stuff in the world. So I HAD to buy Boo a bunch of stuff. SOO cute. Christmas colors and warm clothes.

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