Thursday, November 19, 2009

Practice practice practice

If only I had more time to practice taking pictures. If you are not photography inclined, feel free to skip today's post. I am trying to really figure out how to use my camera. I have an Olympus E-500 DSLR that does a lot of fancy stuff. I read the manual (genious I know) and have been researching how to use the camera as it was intended to be used besides shooting on auto all the time. I played with it yesterday in aperture priority and tried manual mode. I didn't really see a lot of difference when changing aperture. (Gasp.) I was hoping to get more blurry backgrounds. The shutter speed was acting funny in manual mode. Got to work on that.

I really hate the saying, "You have to have a degree in engineering to..." Just because I have a degree in engineering does not mean I know how to do everything, like use a camera or put toys together.

I'm already convinced I need a fancier lens for my camera. I'm thinking I need a 50mm prime lens. I also discovered I can order my prints online and get professional quality prints. I would like to take some more pics and then make an order. My goal is to try and make my own birthday card invitations. Yes, I'm currently thinking yes for the birthday party. I got some super cute shots of Mya Sunday and a few great ones of Boo. But now I want some shots with hopefully blurry backgrounds SOOC (straight out of camera) instead of having to do so much editing to get blurriness. Ok so the editing is not so hard, but it should look more natural SOOC.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Hey :) I used to be on webmd with you and nancy (my username was SaraAzriel02 and after the mess up with their logins it's now ejk_klk2007). Anyway, I just wanted to mention that you should check out a group on Cafemom if you're not on it already. It's called Photo Moms and they help people out, lots of pros and amateurs and hobbyists just talking photography and getting help with alot of their photos and editing etc. The information you can learn there is AMAZING and they're really helpful and nice. and of course we love sharing pictures of our babies/kids. Anyway, Check it out. I've learned TONS there myself.

    I read you occasionally (hope you don't mind!) and i love to see your pictures :)


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