Thursday, May 21, 2009


I booked our "vacation" today. I've just had this itch to get away lately. I know it doesn't make sense. I mean how much vacation can we have with an infant. There is a beautiful lake about 1.5 hours from Beaumont called Sam Rayburn. We are going to this resort for two nights the weekend of July 4. It will be nice to get away and have fun in the sun. We are really trying not to spend much money these days just in case one of us loses a job. So maybe a vacation is not the brightest idea, but it's not very expensive, and I haven't gone anywhere for a long time. Plus we can cancel if we change our minds.

Nathan's company is doing lay-offs next month. Hopefully he is not on the hit list... My company has been doing lay-offs for a while, but I am in a unique position and shouldn't get laid off... But it could happen any day. Times like these really make me question some of the financial decisions we have made. We have a pretty high house note and a very expensive car. At the time, the house seemed like a good idea, a good investment, but now... not so sure. I asked Nathan last night, "Did we ever consider that we might lose our jobs? What were we thinking??" And the car was a major impulse buy. I try not to worry myself sick about all of this. But it is trouble-ing.

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