Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back pain

I did something to my back last weekend. No surprise there, carrying around a baby 24/7, but this time it keeps getting worse instead of getting better. It's mostly in one spot, stabbing, throbbing pain. So I'm going to dr tomorrow.

Boo was super cranky last night. We are not used to hearing him cry for more than 2 seconds. During his bath he started screaming. Then he didn't want me to put on a diaper or pajamas. Then he was so mad he forgot why he was mad. Poor baby. It's been a long time since mama holding him or nursing him wasn't enough to make him happy. Nathan rocked him, I held him. Finally we gave him some Tylenol and gas medicine, and he went right to sleep. I don't like giving meds for no reason, but something was wrong. It really had me on edge for him to be upset. He woke up twice in the night. He was pretty happy this morning.

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