Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More thoughts...

Thanks Caressa for that comment. I also believe that there are no good reasons for a healthy woman to not be able to carry a baby and deliver it. But it opens up questions about when the choice is between a woman dying or the unborn child dying. I believe that God should make those decisions and not us. But what if there is very little chance that the child would survive? Should the woman sacrifice herself? Such hard questions. There are so many situations that could possibly justify abortion. I hate even saying that... That's why I believe any law making abortion illegal needs to have a lot of allowances for different situations. But I think that it should not be legal for a woman to have an abortion when there is no justification.

Also, I mentioned this, but I didn't elaborate. When a couple does ivf (in-vitro fertilization), sometimes, many more embryos are created than are needed. We had 11 embryos. They are teeny tiny 4, 6 or 8 cells. They grew in a laboratory incubator for 6 days. 2 were placed inside me. One grew to be my wonderful son. One grew for 10 weeks and then died in utero. This was a very difficult loss for me and Nathan. There are 9 in a cryo storage facility in Clear Lake. We can transfer some of them inside of me if we want another pregnancy. I really struggle with some of this. Should we try on our own to get pregnant first before spending thousands of dollars on fertility drugs and dr bills? Then, if we do get pregnant on our own, what do we do with these embryos. If you define life as beginning at conception, then if I "discard" these embryos, is that murder? Or, does life begin when the pregnancy begins? Does it begin when the embyro develops a brain? It will be a very difficult decision if we ever have to discard these embryos. Were we wrong to create them and let them be stored?

All these questions of course are very controversial. Like I said, I struggle with these issues. We decided to do ivf because we strongly desired to have a child. And he is the light of my life. I can't say that I believe what we did was wrong. Hopefully we will give all 9 of these embryos the chance to develop into life. I think that ivf is a wonderful gift that modern science and drs can help women who dream of having children make those dreams come true. But it does approach on some touchy subjects.

Please feel free to share your thoughts. I don't have any problem with publishing any type of opinion as long as it is not malicious in nature.

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