Friday, June 4, 2010

Somebody's Hero

Today I was somebody's hero, a 17 year old girl in particular, we'll call her K. I think what I did, anyone should have done. I left work at 2 pm and was on the way to daycare to get Boo. I went going over an overpass when I saw some craziness going on in the highway. A SUV was spinning out of control all over the road. I slowed and pulled over and stopped so I wouldn't hit the SUV. A million aluminum cans were flying all over the place. I saw the 17 year old girl sitting in the driver's seat in her SUV, looking upset, still in the highway. I got out of the car and realized she was frozen. I stopped traffic and opened her car door to ask if she was ok. She said she was ok. I asked her if she could drive her car to the side of the road. She said no. She was very shaken up. She had ran into the concrete median with the front of her car on one of the spins and ran into the back of her car with another spin. I asked her to get in the passenger seat so I could get us out of the highway. I checked out the tires, no problems there, no smoke anywhere, so I drove the SUV to the shoulder of the road. Cars started going again. I then saw what happened. A man driving a truck was carrying bags of cans. The cans flew out and hit another truck. That truck hit hard and had to stop suddenly. So K hit her brakes and spun out of control. The look on her face when I opened the door really hit me. She was so scared. She was so relieved that I stepped in to take care of things. I told her everything would be ok. The car would be fixed. She wouldn't have to pay for it. She didn't do anything wrong. I told her I would stay till the police came and her mother came. The man with the cans came and apologized, and I asked him to call the police. The man in the other truck came and talked to us. Everybody was ok. The police came and the man with the cans got a ticket. K's mom came, and then we all left. Kind of crazy. I don't know what would have happened if I wouldn't have stepped in. Would someone else have done exactly what I did? Would no one have stopped and K sat in her car and got hit by another car? We were on the down side of an overpass where cars coming over may not see us. We don't know what would have happened. I'm just glad everything turned out allright, and everybody got to go home safe. I did get K's phone number. Maybe I'll call her tomorrow and see if she is ok.

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