Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I accidentally took the day off

I really meant to go to work today. It just didn't happen. I wanted to go to the dr in the morning. The earliest appt they had was for 10:30 am. I really wanted to get some eye drops for me to get rid of the last traces of pink eye. And my sore throat, cough, earache that has been dragging on for three weeks. I figured I could be at work around 12:30. Wrong. I was at the dr till 12:00. Then lunch. Then drop off prescriptions. Then it was 1:00. If I took Boo to daycare he would have completely missed naptime. Not good. I should have planned better and had Nathan take him to work with him. I just like to spend as much time with him as possible. We have had a pretty good day.

He has his appt with the ENT tomorrow. I think it's time for tubes in his ears. I've been such a crappy blogger lately. I don't even think I mentioned that. Constant ear infections. Dr. said his ears look pretty bad. And Boo tugs on them a lit. So we'll see what the ENT says. Right now Boo is eating Pringles. Power snack I know. And he is laying on the floor on his tummy, legs curled up like a baby just laying there eating his chips. So silly. It is 95ยบ outside here right now. I can't believe summer is just starting. It's going to be a long summer since Boo likes to be outside as much as possible. I just can only stand so much heat.

I'm pretty scared of the whole tubes thing. I know it will make his ears do better, so it will be worth it. But fasting for 8 hours? Boo nurses at least 1-2 times at night. I will have to sleep in the other room and Nathan will have to try and comfort him. Boo would go crazy if I denied his drink. And then getting up without a drink? Torture!

The dr was pretty concerned with him getting pink eye for the third time in a row. But they gave him a prescription for more drops and said if he gets it again, he needs to see an eye dr. I'm not sure what else they can do about that. But we'll see.

He has been eating much better. Even eating more meat!

He is saying a few more words off and on. My favorites are "PLEEZE?" I am trying to get him to say please instead of whining when he wants something. And he says "Cheeze" when he plays with his toy camera.

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  1. i miss you... and can't wait to see lil man we need to get together soon!! and The tubes will help him so don't stress to much hollie lou! Love ya


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