Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dr update

Boo went to the ear nose and throat dr yesterday and got a very good report. His tubes are in place in his ear and doing well. His hearing is much improved, and he got custom earplugs, which are wonderful. We were having a hard time with the earplugs I bought from Walmart. He would NOT leave them alone. He really doesn't even notice the custom earplugs, so we should actually be able to go swimming and go to the splash park. Boo has not been feeling well still. He is coughing a lot, so much that he threw up his dinner last night. Then he took a bath and went to bed at 7:00. I hope he starts feeling better soon. He really has been sick constantly. We may have to consider going back to a single person caregiver for him. I really like the convenience and the price of daycare, but I just can't handle him being sick all the time. And I do miss a lot of days of work with him being sick, so that really cancels out the convenience. I just can't imagine leaving my child to be alone with someone that I don't know.

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