Friday, June 18, 2010

Boo does

I haven't updated what Boo is doing new these days. He is saying some more words.

Practicing everybody's names

Some sign language!

He tries to jump, but it is really just bouncing, very cute. He spins in circles till he gets dizzy and falls. He likes playing in the toilet. Ewwwww! We went to the library for the first time this week and he really liked that. For anyone out there wondering, yes, he still nurses. It's so much of a comfort to him. It would be very hard to stop now. If we sit around in the house he wants to be attached to the breast 24/7. He is understanding a lot more language and basic things that go on in the house. If I say, "Let's go change your diaper" he gets a diaper, wipes, goes to lay down in the bathroom where we change diapers.

He is not doing well wearing the ear plugs. He just wants to play with them and takes them out after 2 seconds. We are going to get the custom ones at the dr office Monday to see if that is any better. So I do my best to give him a quick bath and not get water in his ears. I really want to take him to the splash park in town, but I guess I should not until he learns to wear his ear plugs. He really has fun there. He will NOT take antibiotics that he is supposed to take. And now so much got wasted that we ran out. We'll just see what the dr says Monday.

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