Monday, January 18, 2010

Things Boo does NOT do

Boo does not sleep all night long. He has not since he was 3 months old. Then he did it for about a month. That was it. He is just not a good sleeper.

Boo does not eat very good most days. SIL says he always eats good for her. So maybe he doesn't eat good for me because he likes to nurse alot.

Boo does not like to be washed. He thinks bathtime should be for playing and does not understand why I always torture him in the bathtub with a washrag.

Boo does not like to be moved from one car to the other in the mornings or afternoons on days when I work. I have to take him out for a minute at least. Afternoons I usually go into mom's house and visit for a minute. If I try to just take him and go, he gets very upset. He hasn't seen me all day and wants to hug and kiss and nurse.

Boo does not drink from a bottle and hasn't for a couple of months. He does not like to lay down to drink.

Boo does not like baby food anymore.

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  1. if he doesn't like baby food anymore then he probably wants table food. once Gavi started sitting at the table with us she wanted exactly what we had on her plate too and refused to eat anything else..
    thats sad he doesn't sleep all night. I'm so sorry..


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