Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It shouldn't be a big deal

But it does seem strange to have to talk to anybody at work (men) about pumping milk. I do try to be professional at work. But pumping is just part of my daily activity and has to be done. Well, it looks like I am going to have to move offices. The first idea was for me to share with a man. Which is not a huge problem. He would just have to give me some privacy twice a day for 15 minutes. So it would be an inconvenience, but we could work it out. It's just better for me to have my own office. I know a lot of women have to deal with finding a place to pump everyday, and I am fortunate that I have had my privacy this long. Sharing with a man just opens the door to getting picked on and people talking about me. We're not always politically correct out here. So I would have to deal with the talk. I could deal. I actually did tell me boss that I need privacy twice a day for 15 minutes. I didn't say why. I told him I could give more detail if he wants. He asked if it had to do with having a baby. I said yes. Maybe I should have elaborated, but I didn't want to make him uncomfortable. He is going to try and get me an office. I don't mind moving around. There are offices where people are out for a couple of months at a time. It doesn't make sense to me for us to be inconvenienced everyday sharing an office when there are plenty of empty ones. So that conversation felt embarrassing, but it shouldn't be! So we will see what happens. I will probably find out soon. I think I will still have to move though. I've been in the same office for 4 years. I'm a little attached. We've been through a lot together, me and my office!

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