Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Photography Journey

I have some things I've learned while I've been concentrating on photography these past months. I couldn't really call this post a "lesson" because I don't feel qualified to say that, but I do want to share some tips. This is from my experience only, so if someone disagrees or is a professional and has more information, please chime in.

Fixed length lenses - I love my 50mm prime (no zoom) lens. That means if I want the shot closer in or further out, I have to walk in or out. I shoot with an Olympus E-500 bought in 2006. The kit lens (14-45 mm) I believe is good, but the quality of the pics with the 50mm is great. There is a clarity in the images that is definitely obvious. I can go through pics and just at a glance tell which lens I used. I do want to get the 35mm lens Olympus makes because sometimes I'm in a tight spot and the 50mm lens is too up close. I love setting the aperture (f-stop) low (wide lens opening) and getting a nice blurry background. This lens is 50mm f2, which is wonderful. I could go on and on. The Olympus 50mm f2 lens was $500 and well worth it's weight in gold. I can't say how other brands compare. I know that the Canon 50mm prime is less expensive, but maybe the Olympus is better. See these pics of Boo? The Thanksgiving pic is super cute, but I can tell that the clarity and glow of the image is better in the book pic.

Black and white pics - I know now that only certain pics look good in black and white. Like a picture shot in broad daylight with lots of people and lots of colors, like the one of my niece and nephews. Try a pic like that in black and white. It eliminates the confusion of the color and puts the focus back on the composition of the image. Or a pic that is very clear and nice that has lots of color in it.


  1. I am actually saving for a 50mm f/1.4 (about 400 dollars I think) and a Canon Rebel XSi (about 700 with the lense kit). I'm so excited, I can totally tell a difference and that difference is what I want to be taking pictures of my kids' life with.
    Grat pictures! I love Love LOVE that first one.
    I think I got confused with what you were saying about the last two photos, did you say that one looks better with B/W? or in color? I have to say I like the one in color because the colors cordinate (for one) which makes it attractive and it adds noise with the laughter going on (IMO).

  2. Canon has a couple of 50mm lenses. one is less expensive ($90) and the build quality is not a sturdy, but the images are still really good. They also have was that is comparable in price to your olympus and is probably similar quality.

    What I love the most is that the camera takes the picture that I want. I was using a point and shoot a few weeks ago. I would see the face or action that I wanted to shoot but by the time the camera responded, the moment was gone. With kids, you can never recreate the moment, so it is nice to be able to shoot it when it happens.


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