Monday, January 18, 2010

Some thoughts to share

Some things are funny everytime they happen, no matter how many times. Boo will pretend to talk on the phone using any object that remotely resembles a phone or is about the size of any type of phone. So, a hairbrush, toothbrush, cup, toy, play phones, real phones of course are the best. He gets so excited when he gets to play with the real land line cordless phone. If we take it away, major fit. He gets said object, puts it to his head, and says, "HI. HI." But it's more like, "III" if that makes sense. It's pretty loud. And then he waits for someone to talk back. If no one talks back (as in a non-phone), he gives it to whoever is close by. We say hi and then give it back... You get the point. It's really funny.

New tubing for my breast pump is awesome. If you are a BFing, pumping mom, try getting new tubing after a while. Not sure what the optimum time to replace is, but I know a whole year is too long for one set of tubes. I also got new membranes, valves, and all other parts, but I think the tubes are what helped my pump work better. I ordered from on Tuesday last week and got my package on Thursday. Talk about fast! I ordered from them because babies r us and other places have Medela kits, but none of the kits had what I wanted, and they had stuff in them I didn't want. That website sells things individually at great prices. Highly recommended! Plus I couldn't find the tubing anywhere except there.

I've been working on a massive boring spreadsheet all day, hence the two posts. I had to take a couple of breaks from it. I really got a lot done, so that is good. I usually have more visitors and chatting and going out to lunch, but today I've been on my own. So I'm blogging for my breaks!

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