Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today Boo has to go to the dr for his check up and shots... I hate it. I really just want to walk out and not do it. Nathan is supposed to go with us. I was really feeling depressed and sorry for myself yesterday, so I didn't post. I promise it would have been dark and sad. Today I feel better. We had a nice evening but a hard night... like normal. Nathan woke up with us at 2 am and rocked Boo and tried to put him to sleep, but he is a major momma's boy. But it was nice that he got up. We gave him Tylenol at 3 am to ease teething pain. That will be one of my questions for the dr, what is the best thing to do? Teething tablets, tylenol, oragel? I've heard lots of different advice, so we'll get to hear what dr has to say.

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  1. I preferred the organic teething tablets they sell at Walmart.... good luck at the docs office!!


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