Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lil Boo

Boo did good at his dr appt yesterday. He is 16 lbs. 4 oz. And 27” long. That’s 25% for weight and 69% for height. So he’s not the biggest kid on the block. That’s ok by us. I asked the dr lots of questions while he was checking out Boo. Most of these of affirmations of things I know, but I did learn some new things.

Boo doesn’t like to eat solids some days. Is that ok?
- Yes, most of his nutrition is from breastmilk/formula. Some cultures breastfeed till age 5 because there may not be enough food for the child to eat.
Is it ok to mix breastmilk directly with formula? Sometimes I don’t pump quite enough.
- Yes, that is fine.
Do I need to give him vitamins?
- No, he gets enough from breastmilk/formula. BM has less iron, but it is digested and absorbed better than the formula. We will test his iron levels at 9 months. Some kids need extra vitamin D, but mostly dark skinned children living in a cold climate where they do not get much sunlight.
- Me – Well, Boo is super white and it’s hot and sunny here, so we should be ok.
Does oragel really harden the gums?
- LOL, no. You can use it. You can try teething tablets, Tylenol and Motrin.
Is it normal for bug bites to cause big whelps?
- Yes, use hydrocortisone cream, let it dry, then antibiotic cream.

Some kids are crawling by 6 months and sitting up, but Boo has good strength, and he is very vocal and expressive.

So it was a good appt. He only cried for a few seconds after the shots. I was really worried about that.

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  1. yay. im glad he didn't cry too much after the shots. my kids never did.. which was always a relief...HUGs n kisses to


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