Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I am truly blessed. My life is peaceful. My child is healthy.

Stellan is doing better today. I was so worried yesterday.

The story about the mother in San Antonio who killed her baby really haunts me. I won't go into the horrible details. What bothers me the most is the life that was lost. I feel motivated to research what resources are available to mothers with postpartum depression. There is no way for all of these types of incidents to be avoided, but there has to be a way to reduce them. It is just not acceptable, not comprehensible to me that a mother kills her child. I remember after I gave birth and was sent home, there were no calls made to check on us or scheduled dr visits until 6 weeks pp. The hospital did call me at 6 weeks and I thought that was good, but is that enough? They asked questions geared to pp depression. My dr visit at 6 weeks pp asked questions. Is that enough? I'm not sure what could possibly help. There was the mother who killed her 18 month old. Was there a way to prevent that? Children are a precious gift. But they can try your patience and your nerves. And your mental health, at any age. And if you call CPS or the police and tell them you are having thoughts about hurting your child, what do they do? Do they take the child forever? For one week? Two? Will you ever see them again? If a mother has thoughts about hurting her child, do those thoughts go away? I just hurt for these children and the families. I wish there was more to do to help. Again, I am blessed to have a strong support system. If I ever needed help with Boo or a night off, all I would have to do is make a phone call. I just can't imagine the thought even crossing a mother's mind to hurt their child. I don't like being away from him at all.

I am blessed.

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  1. I read that article and was nauseous for hours. That poor baby. Even mild pp depression is terrible (I can attest to this) and the lack of follow up for mothers after birth is terrible. It just adds to the feeling of hopelessness and aloneness that you feel with PPD anyway. I was lucky and had an uber involved midwife and a support network of friends and family who helped me heal. My heart breaks for moms and babies who aren't so lucky.


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