Sunday, July 26, 2009

Depressing Local News

Everything is fine with us. I just keep reading depressing local news. Every mother worries about what could happen to her baby. I think we all have nightmares and horrible thoughts about accidents. But these two events just break my heart. I try not to obsess about bad things, but I do read the news. A 25 year old mother in Houston shot and killed her 18 month old daughter, then killed herself. They were found by the woman's husband and child's father in the bathtub. The woman had some mental problems. A Jasper county citizen called police to inquire about a badly sunburned child. The police went to the home to check on the child and found a meth lab. The odors in the home were horrible and unbearable. The child was in the home. The child was removed from parents care. I pray that this child suffers no lasting effects from the exposure. I just don't understand how these people could do such horrible things to a child. I freak out over what accidents could happen. I certainly try my best to take good care of my child. I can't imagine my purposeful actions causing harm to my child. I am also blessed to have a good support system in family and friends that are always willing to help.

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