Saturday, July 25, 2009

Busy Momma

I'm just at home taking care of Boo. He's sitting in my lap happy for the moment trying to get closer to the keyboard. Mya spent the night last night, so that's always fun. She's getting better at sharing her toys with Boo now that he is big enough to grab everything from her and actually play with her. And she loves to hold him and hug him. She wouldn't sleep on the couch, so she slept on our bed at our feet. Boo did good, only up one time. It's so hot outside here, so we stayed in for the most part except for a few minutes to blow bubbles outside. Nathan's parents came over, and I went to the grocery store and let them keep Boo for a little while. Kind of strange going to the store by myself. Mya is funny. Everytime she did something that got on my nerves or didn't listen to me, I would say, "I'm calling your Mommy." She would say, "I'm so sorry!" More like "So sh-orree!" with a sad look on her face. I couldn't help myself from saying stuff to her just to get her to say it. Ok Boo has had enough sitting. Time for bath, booby, and bedtime!

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