Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New car

Nathan wants us to get a new car. At first I was completely against it, but now I'm leaning that way. Right now we have 3 vehicles, not counting the old car that makes 4. Nathan's truck is almost paid off. The Charger was expensive. The Volvo was cheap and gets good gas mileage. We got it for me to drive to work and not put a lot of miles on the Charger. If we trade in both cars and get one new car, we would save about $500 a month! In the long run, we would end up spending the same amount. The new car note would go longer, but I'm liking saving $500 a month. Plus the Charger rides really rough and Boo bounces around all over the place. And the Volvo is too small for all of us to fit comfortably. We don't think we could sell the Charger to an individual for a good price, so we almost have to trade it in to a dealership and get something new. My goal is to get something cheap but still nice and big enough for kids. It would be nice if we could just sell both cars and get something used, but I think we would get a better trade-in value from a dealer. It sounds crazy, but since the Charger was expensive, we still owe a lot, and people don't want to spend that much. So we will see what happens.

Boo did a little better last night, sleeping from 9 till 3 am, then up and down from there. I'm still tired, but not as much as yesterday.

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