Monday, March 1, 2010

What Boo is doing

He loves to play "Patty Cake" and sometimes just claps his hands slowly and looks at me and waits for me to recite it. Over and over. He also loves doing "Little Piggies". He laughs every time. And he likes to show off his tummy and to see everybody else's tummy. I figured out that he really likes wearing one pice footie pajamas. For a while he wore wool longies and t shirts, but he just gets super excited when he sees the jammies. So we have been wearing the jammies. I mean really excited. It's so cute. And he likes splashing in the bathtub. It doesn't bother him at all to get tons of water in his eyes. He really is a fun little boy.

Maybe we just have so much fun together, that he doesn't want to go to sleep or stay asleep. Last night was really rough.

Boo really likes his big boy car seat better. He gets really excited to sit in it. The only thing I don't like about the seat is that it is hard to tighten the straps. I pull really hard and only get a little tighter. So I may not buy the same one again.

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