Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boo's new tricks

So Boo has some new tricks these days I wanted to share!

He has started doing a few new signs. He does "milk" when I say the word "milk." He gets all excited and sometimes mad because I am taking up his valuable time with communication when I could be taking my clothes off so he can get some milk. He does "up" when I ask if he wants to get up with the high chair. Both of these signs are typically done with one hand, but he does them with both hands, and it's super cute.

He says "Poppa" for Nathan's dad and for my dad. My dad babysat yesterday. Boo got really excited to see him. Pawpaw does things a little differently and did some things I wasn't happy about... But Boo survived. When Nathan talks about "Poppa" Boo goes to the window and starts looking for him, so we really think he knows what he is saying. Boo says "ball," "duck" pretty well too.

So he is on his way to talking. Nathan really wants him to talk more, but I'm ok with baby talk for now.

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  1. Aww, it is amazing watching them learn and pick up things every day!!


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