Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mr. Personality

Boo really has a strong personality and a strong will. I have my work cut out for me for sure. I just think he was a strong will now, and he can't even talk yet. I predict some trouble in the future. But it will be met with love and discipline and it will be ok. He is babbling 24/7 and using vocal patterns as if he is really saying something. His babbling usually sounds like a question, so I think he really wants to know something. But I obviously have no clue what he is asking. We went to a birthday party yesterday for a co-workers 3 year old son. We really had a good time, both of us. There were only a few people there, as the rest of the family lives out of state, so we all really got to just relax and visit. My friend had a wagon hooked up to a lawn mower and rode the boys around the yard. (Special wagon with high sides, so it looked very safe.) Boo really enjoyed that. He crawled around the yard, ate dirt, and played with the kids. Then we went home, and he finally took a nap at 4:00. I think we are officially down to one nap a day. So goodbye morning nap. We miss you...

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