Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Funny baby

I realize that children behave differently for people other than thier parents. But I still find it funny to witness this. Paulina and I met at Walmart yesterday after work. It's much easier to meet up at the store rather than meet at moms, get Boo in his car seat, go to the store, then get out and back in the carseat. So we all went in together, then we went our separate ways to get what we needed. Boo and I went to the baby section to get a few things. I found some nice looking low cut socks that we needed. Boo saw them and got excited, so I gave him the package. He decided he needed to take out each sock, play with it, and then throw them on the floor. Obviously, this is not going to work for me. So I took the socks. He started screaming. Loud. Paulina wasn't too far away and recognized his scream and came right over asking what is wrong. Nothing I said. She very calmly told him to stop screaming and give momma the socks. He immediately puckered up his face and did exactly as she said. I thought it was so funny. This isn't the first time he has listened to her and not to me, but it was funny. I can tell him no 100 times, and he just looks at me and keeps doing what he is doing. She says no, and he cries and stops what he is doing. I'm sure he is not always perfect for her, but he definitely acts different.

Sometimes we see Mya act good for me and horrible for Paulina, but sometimes she knows she can get away with murder when she is with me. Case of going to the grocery store last Friday. She was so B A D. "I want two balloons." and "I want to ride in the buggy." Mostly "I want" this, that, and everything. She saw a princess birthday card and cried for it. And the evil grocery store has tons of toys and junk right where kids can see it.

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  1. LOL, My oldest still acts differently around me vs. other ppl. It is quite funny to watch him when he doesnt know I'm looking.


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