Monday, March 22, 2010


Just a normal Monday so far. Boo wasn't too upset when I left him with babysitter this morning. We were running very late, but that is sort of normal for a Monday for us. He didn't sleep well, again, normal. I'm tired, normal. But I will be happy when I get to pick him up and go home and play. I do have some things to blog about, but I haven't had much time. I've found a new interest, babywearing. I haven't used my baby carriers too much, but I found some different ways to wear my child that shouldn't hurt my back so much. I normally carry him around everywhere on my hip, causing back and hip pain. I bought a Moby wrap, and I made two wraps out of fabric from JoAnn's. I have tried to use the wrap every day to get my back stronger, and so far, I like it. Boo seems to like being wrapped up with me. He hugs me and plays with my hair. I think it will really be helpful on work day evenings when he missed me all day and wants to be carried around. I am tempted to buy an Ergo carrier, but I am going to keep using my wraps for another week or so before I decide if I want one. I don't think I will use the carrier or wrap for hours on end, just for a walk to the park, or to do a few things in the house.

I do suggest anyone doing babywearing (especially a newborn) read the instructions carefully and understand any risks. There have been some incidents recently that are tragic. BUT babywearing can be done safely and has many benefits.

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  1. I love my Moby and Baby K'Tan. The Moby is fantastic for long wearing (like a day at the zoo) but the Baby K'tan is awesome for a quick run into the store, or even a long walk (and even all day wear, but the moby administers the weight a little better [IMO] than any other I've tried).


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