Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Boo had a fall

Boo has had plenty of falls, but this was one big. He's ok, but he has a nasty cut on his forehead. Of course I feel like the worst mother in the world. I had just changed his diaper on my bed, and I was about to put his clothes on. He was sitting on the bed, and I was standing right next to him. I must have blinked my eyes or looked away for one second, and the next thing I knew, he was tumbling to the floor, super fast. He hit his head on my nightstand and then fell to the floor. The floor part wasn't so bad, as he caught himself. But he cut his forehead, right between his eyes on the corner of the nightstand. It bled a lot, he cried, then he went to sleep. The bleeding mostly stopped, so we decided not to go to the ER. This morning the cut bled some more, and it's just so deep. So I called the nurse at his dr's office, and of course they want to check him out. So I am taking him this afternoon. He seems fine, is happy and acting normal, so I'm not worried about anything major, but I don't want the cut to not heal, and then have to get stitches. Probably, the dr will say that it's fine and to come back if it gets worse. But I will feel horrible if he has a scar right in between his eyes and I could have prevented it. So to the dr we will go. If the dr thinks we should get stitches, we will have to go to the ER for that, or maybe he will admit us to the hospital. I think they will have to put Boo under anesthesia for stitches. That will not be fun. But he also has been pulling on his ears and had a fever yesterday, so a trip to the dr may have been in store anyways. I will certainly feel like the worst mother in the world explaining to the dr how Boo got hurt.

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  1. Oh not good. I hate accidents =( Hopefully he wont need stiches. They have this new stuff that is like glue that I have seen them putting on kids lately to hold the skin together instead of stiches you just wont be able to get his face wet for awhile. They usually dont put kids asleep for stitches just lots of screaming from being held down. Keep us updated.


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