Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What is going on

I'm not sure what is going on with our potential home buyers. They didn't call after visiting for over a week. Then yesterday, they called and want to come by the house again when it's not raining, which is hard to predict. They said yesterday that they wanted to come today, so of course I cleaned up the house, made the bed, all those things I normally don't do. It's sunny right now, but it's been raining here almost every day this month, so who knows what is going to happen. I would think that if they want to come over again that they must be pretty seriously interested. They have surely drived by the house in nice weather and seen the yucky condition of the outside of the house. No surprises really. So I'm a little bit on the edge of my chair waiting for a phone call from them. Then I'll still be on the edge waiting to see if they make us an offer. Then the paperwork, finding another house. All very exciting stuff! We are keeping a close eye of houses on the market in our area still and know which ones we want to see if we get an offer on our house. It's just hard to decide if we want another project house (one that needs remodeling) or one that is smaller but updated already. We'll look at both and see how we feel.

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