Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little man

Boo had his 18 month visit at the dr yesterday. Funny that we were there last week with a very sick baby. But he is doing much better. He is only 22.5 lbs, 10% of boys his age, meaning that 90% of boys his age are bigger than him. But he has consistently been small, but growing. He has weeks when he eats tons, then weeks when he eats nothing. Dr said it's ok as long as he does eat food and does grow. His throat and ears looked good. He is saying some words, I estimated 10-15 which the dr was impressed with. Boo did the sign for more, which the dr was impressed with. And Boo said "doctor"! Impressive! We have been practicing that one. So of course I'm proud and think my child is a genious. Dr said that we don't have to do breathing treatments right now since Boo is not tolering them well (aka a major fit) since the cough seems to have subsided. I'll try to list Boo's words that I can think of.

Mya (MY)
banana (nana)
apple (ah-oh)

That is 18 if you count names and uh-oh and wow. Probably a few more... Can't think of any. And he doesn't say them all every day, more like whenever we come in contact with one of the items or people.

I have not heard from the guy who was interested in our house. I am not surprised I guess. Maybe I'll hold out a sliver of hope through the weekend since I know he has a business. So maybe we'll have to sell our house the hard way. First Nathan has to get better. He is still battling upset tummy since last week. He went to the dr and got some antibiotics. Dr thinks it is bacterial since it's not going away. Hope that makes him feel better.

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